Oratoria en Inglés

Profesor: Christopher Wright 

Fecha: 12 y 13 de junio de 2020

Horario: viernes de 17 a 21 horas y sábado de 9 a 19 horas.

Precio: 300€  Curso bonificable a través de la Fundación Tripartita

Lugar: Edificio Ibercenter, Plaza de Carlos Trías Bertrán, nº 4. Madrid.

Este curso se ofrece a instituciones y empresas “in company”

Plazas limitadas

Titulación: Título de la “Escuela Europea de Oratoria”

Más información: info@escueladeoratoria.com

Giving an international presentation requires you to adapt what you know and to learn new techniques to create and give effective presentations that capture the attention of international audiences. While at the same time making sure you project a professional image, feel confident and speak naturally in public in English. Join the many non-native English speaking professionals and managers doing this right now every day in international business.


From business presentations to keynote speeches, the International Presentations Course will take you to the next level of presenting. This course is aimed to teach and practice techniques for creating and giving effective presentations in English. You will learn to craft the perfect message for your audience, design slides and speak naturally in public in English.


  • Learn to make your point and give memorable presentations.
  • Ability to synthesis a message, find its core and express it capturing your audience’s attention.
  • Knowledge to design a presentation that will wow audiences and resonate with them.
  • Learn cultural differences about the different listening habits of international audiences   (what do they focus on? what are they listening for? how do they interpret messages?)



  • Meet and Greet
  • Introduction
  • Presentation goal
  • Audience needs
  • Managing your nerves and stress management
  • Body language
  • Elevator pitch – introducing yourself in English
  • Opening and closing a presentation
  • Use of voice
  • Visual support
  • High impact presentations
  • Key message
  • Body – structure, organization and signposting
  • Business story telling
  • Storytelling –  use of voice and body language
  • Design tips
  • Handling a Q & A session
  • International presentations – cultural similarities and differences
  • Final presentation (prepare, deliver and video/feedback)

Christopher Wright, profesor del curso Oratoria en Inglés.